Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Allegorical Question

Most of us wake up to a new day thinking of all the various chores that have been consigned to us.

A housewife wakes up thinking about the breakfast she would need to prepare so that her husband and kids won’t be late to their respective occupations. She also thinks about how she would spend the rest of her day cooking their meals and the remaining few hours in front of her programmed but intriguing soaps.

A businessman would wake up to thinking about the new strategies he would need to introduce to allow his moribund business to prosper. The hires and fires, the endless boardroom sessions, what would make a great sales pitch...and many such.

A toddler on the other hand could care less about the rise and fall in the market or about the meals assigned to parts of his fickle day. His concern, when he wakes up, would be the whereabouts of his new T-Rex or his remote-controlled G.I. Joe.

In some part in the world a priest would be deciding his subject line for the day’s oration and in another a renegade would cautiously be planning his next move. While an advocate plans his next defense, a fanatic dexterously plans his subsequent attack.

This is what the world wakes up to. Contemplating over such thoughts only compelled me to ask myself one allegorical question… What if the world never woke up?


Blogger B. O'Hemian said...

I like the thought behind this post. For me the question is not "What if the world never woke up?"; the question is "What is it that one should wake up to?"

For me, to start the day with the right frame of mind is most important.

9:56 PM  

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